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Mindless Thinking

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it’s hard to tell when you’re wasting time


chapters in your life can
be slammed shut like
a safe

people can be abducted
by other jobs, lovers, or by seemingly nothing
at all

old habits can be made impossible
to maintain

and old ideas
can become sad
and mildly interesting stories;

the days have a way of sifting
straining you,
and scooting you
out towards
where they need you to

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it’s better to laugh


it is easy to hate someone when
they lull you
into letting your guard down,
when they get you
to let them in
and then they
fuck you over

it is easy to hate yourself
for falling for it
and easy
to promise that you’ll
make the mistake

you talk on the phone
to someone
as you order a pizza
and they sound honest 
or the girl who
hands you your change has great eyes

it’s better to laugh